Shortly after the beginning of 2020, I began a new experiment. I started journaling my dreams. I don’t have a background in dream analysis [sounds cool], and I’m not even close to being an expert on the subject. Besides doing some research on lucid dreaming in hopes of learning more about myself, I haven’t sat down and invested as much time as I should.

I made the spontaneous decision to begin logging my dreams back in January of this year. First, I created a new file in my cellphone writer application, and titled it [Crash Report], as in [Crashed Out].

For obvious reasons, this new experiment would require me to journal each dream as soon as I open my eyes. As I’m sure you already know, most dreams tend to fade away within seconds or minutes. On the occasions when I wake up to more than one dream, I log each dream separately. Interestingly, I’ve also journaled a dream within a dream a couple of times. Yes, like [Nightmare On Elm Street]! 

I don’t know why I kicked off this experiment, but I’ve learned a great deal. It seems, my dreams have distinct patterns to them. Maybe yours do as well?

Joseph Shanklin

August 27, 2020

12 thoughts on “Dream Journaling, The Crash Report

  1. Try and turn on a light switch while dreaming, if you find yourself in a room. You can’t control light while dreaming. Watch “Waking Life”, it covers lucid dreaming. A stoner flick but intelligent.

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      1. It has a good cast. It’s kinda animated. The focus is the stories. I also like the section where they talk about if you meet someone you know dead in your dreams that you’re actually really meeting them in another realm.

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  2. Mine have patterns, too. Sometimes they are just abstract and chaotic.

    Lately, my dreams are monstrous. The characters who are out for me are merciless. I am isolated since I am the only one who can see their manipulative abuse. I am always relieved but exhausted when I awaken from these dismal worlds.

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