Journals [Embracing The Universe Part II, Speaking The Words]

At some point during that first year, I made a bold [can't take it back] decision. And why not, everyone and everything was gone? There would never be a better opportunity. It was time to embrace a new life. As a child, my mother [single parent] implied that all things were possible. Nothing was off … Continue reading Journals [Embracing The Universe Part II, Speaking The Words]

Journals [Embracing The Universe Part I]

When everything is stripped away from someone's life, the individual has but few options. By [everything], I'm referring to losing it all, and having little or no money and resources besides a couple of changes of clothes, and a pack of worldly possessions. A little more than five years ago I was forced into an … Continue reading Journals [Embracing The Universe Part I]

The Urine Test For Drugs

Some of you may know from my writing that I'm on probation. When I finish in a few weeks, it will have been 22 months since I started in December of 2018. I've completed hundreds of drug tests. I take 3 or 4 drug tests each week. Of everything, probation requires of me; this is … Continue reading The Urine Test For Drugs

The 1982 Tylenol Drug Tampering Mystery

Some of you may remember the 1982 Chicago Tylenol Drug Tampering Event. Seven people died from potassium cyanide poisoning after someone tampered with several bottles of capsules and then placed them back on the shelf. Following those seven deaths, multiple copycat crimes claimed even more innocent lives. Back then, almost nothing was sealed to prevent … Continue reading The 1982 Tylenol Drug Tampering Mystery

The Journals [Waking Up To a Fire]

For those who are new to my writing, I've been sober for nearly two years. This period of sobriety has come after four years of heavy drug abuse. This piece takes place about five years ago, during my time running amuck. Recently, I posted a story about being dosed with an unknown hallucinogen. This piece … Continue reading The Journals [Waking Up To a Fire]

The Journals [28 Pounds of Weed]

Like everyone else in this world, I've been changing and growing all of my life. So many of the things I used to hate or not care for have become very important to me. As a young man, I didn't have any patience or love for the Crow. Yes, the bird. Several years ago, I … Continue reading The Journals [28 Pounds of Weed]

The Journals [Finding Treasure]

Throughout my life, I've been finding things of value. For those who have spent time with me during the past five years, quite a few of my friends have watched me score where there should not be a score. It was happening so often a few years ago, that a few people thought I had … Continue reading The Journals [Finding Treasure]

The Journals [Summer 2014 UFO]

The summer of 2014 seems like a dream to me now. It was the last summer I would spend with my second wife. The following March/April, I moved out of our home. So many terrible things happened that summer. Sprinkled throughout the madness, a handful of memorable moments come back to me from time to … Continue reading The Journals [Summer 2014 UFO]