Deadly Path of The Overachieving Addict

One of the drawbacks of being an overachiever is that it applies to everything within one’s life. In the case of addiction, the ability to overachieve can be dangerous, lead to incarceration, or in many cases, early death. The problem lies within the person’s wants and needs for more drugs. This leads to an ever-increasing tendency to problem solve the situation, eventually leading to distribution. The bottom line, it’s easier to maintain a personal drug supply if the user begins selling drugs.

Nearly everyone I have ever met within the world of drugs has either sold drugs or romanced the idea of selling drugs. It’s not about what they see on television, music videos, or hear in music lyrics. The idea to begin distribution is sparked by the need to cut personal costs, particularly after the inevitable reality of increased drug use begins to consume their finances. Eventually, the nightmare may be compounded by drug-related conflicts at the addict’s place of employment, or in many cases, even lead to termination.

I have watched too many people make that terrible life-changing choice. Very few walk away from selling drugs unscathed, and most do not walk away at all. Even if they don’t become incarcerated, physically injured, or lose everything, odds are they will be forever changed. In the end, selling drugs will always end the same.

For those few who have managed to walk away from that lifestyle, the nightmare does not merely end. Haunted by dark memories of pain and violence, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome is common. If allowed to continue undiagnosed, PTSD will rarely fade away on into the past. Unfortunately, the cycle of pain and self-medication may continue until the addict’s final days.

Don’t misunderstand my words, I’m not suggesting that we should feel bad for drug dealers. We must own our sh*t, and take responsibility for everything we do!

Joseph Shanklin

September 15, 2020

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