Added August 2020

So much has changed since I began my blogging journey 15 months ago. The words have evolved and transformed, finally coming to rest on my life experiences. Until recently, I didn’t believe I would bring myself to share even one of these dark tales. Although, I’m still holding back. Some things are best left unsaid. I’ll have to reserve those traumatic experiences for the last and next book.

I’m no longer [brand new] to the world of writing. I’ve completed my first Novel, a creation of more than 185k words. The first in a series, I could not be happier with the final draft of Book #1. With the exception of my children, I didn’t know it was possible to invest so much of myself into something. Writing is what I love. It is my relationship.

In addition to becoming a Novelist, I’ve spent the past year filling a small column for a newsletter. The audience is small, but the purpose behind those letters is invaluable. The articles center around addiction, something I have experience with.

My life has always been one of diversity, from the Native American Indian Reservation I grew up on, to my intimate relationships and marriages. That being said, I’ve taken that love of diversity and applied it to my love of reading. Even though I’ve known the value of listening for most of my adult life, the blogs that I follow have elevated that skill to a much higher level than I thought possible. Last year I began following writers from every continent and in dozens of languages. My willingness to stop and translate feels like a superpower, something I should have been doing years ago.

Recently, I began posting a series titled [The Journals]. For years, my friends have been pushing me to tell my story. After shutting them down, again and again, I’ve decided to disclose at least some of my history, beginning with the Novel I’ve already finished. Although far from a biography, anyone who knows me will immediately compare my life to the events of the story. For some, the challenge may be sorting out fiction from non-fiction. That said, the Novel is Fantasy Fiction.

Sometime shortly, I’ll be overhauling my website and changing themes. The publishing of my first book will undoubtedly change my life once more. After nearly 18 months of investing my heart and soul, my Novel has become an extension of myself.

Joseph Shanklin

September 16, 2020

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