Daylight Savings Time & Automobile Accidents

I want to take this opportunity to say, "please drive carefully, particularly over the next two weeks!" The beginning and end of Daylight Savings Time has a profound effect on our sleep schedule. Studies have shown an increase in automobile accidents immediately following the clock change associated with Daylight Savings Time. It's essential to consider … Continue reading Daylight Savings Time & Automobile Accidents

My Covid-19 Conversation 😅🤣😂

The following is a hypothetical conversation between myself and the Covid-19 virus. Caution, this piece is slightly inappropriate! Okay, possibly more than slightly! Me: You're stupid. Covid-19: I'm going to make you sick and kill you. Me: Eat a sack of dicks! Covid-19: Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah! Me: I've changed my mind. Go f**k … Continue reading My Covid-19 Conversation 😅🤣😂

Two Days of Mayhem

For the past two days, a Winter storm has delivered snow, wind, ice, and poor driving conditions to the Denver area. The highways and side streets were snow-packed mixed with black ice, a dangerous combination anywhere, particularly in a heavily populated city such as where I live and work, Denver, Colorado. My job requires me … Continue reading Two Days of Mayhem

Learning The Value of a Dollar [Teenagers]

I can still remember the day that one of my two older sisters broke the terrible news to me that we were poor. I do not remember the entire conversation, but I can still hear my sister's voice saying, "we're poor!" I began to argue the fact, but my other sister chimed in and validated … Continue reading Learning The Value of a Dollar [Teenagers]

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul [October 21, 2020]

Maybe you've heard this before? The eyes are the window to the soul. I believe William Shakespeare is credited with being the first to make this statement. It's true; the eyes do not and cannot lie. Most of us tend to be distracted by smiles, facial expressions, body language, speech, and so much more, but … Continue reading The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul [October 21, 2020]

Traffic Lights

Following the path can be compared to timing green traffic lights. If you continue to hit red lights, it may be time to consider taking a right or a left. Pictured: During the Summer, I was nearly bitten by a Rattlesnake. The snake was beneath the sign. It's important to get the sign right. Joseph … Continue reading Traffic Lights

My Thoughts This Morning [Re-Posted From October, 2020]

We have an incredible ability to achieve our goals and dreams. It's inside all of us, and we simply have to make the choice. Only you can stop you. Three years ago, if anyone would have said to me, "you're going to build a new life for yourself. Between now and then, you will set … Continue reading My Thoughts This Morning [Re-Posted From October, 2020]