Lately, I find myself wanting to tell people, “stay safe!” Okay, recently, nearly everyone I meet says, “stay safe.” Or “be safe!”

Hmmmmm . . . what’s different in the world? Why are we all wishing safety upon each other? Is it the virus? Is it the high number of fools terrorizing their home towns from one end of these United States to the other? Or, possibly, the neverending media blitz of fear and manipulation each time we make the mistake of turning on the news?

Granted, this worldwide pandemic has claimed thousands of lives. Naturally, most of us want to say the right thing, “stay safe and have a nice day!”

The Universe did not change during 2020. The world did not change in 2020. Our mentality has changed in 2020. Fear and control have taken root in the minds of good people around the globe. As bad as it has been, it is not that bad. This is not the end. We do not have to allow the agenda of insanity to take control of our hearts and minds.

A virus will do what a virus does, and we cannot stop it from spreading. Furthermore, we do not have to hate each other. Every four years, the population of The US turns on each other until our minds become twisted like those we have pledged our loyalty to in the election booth. We do not have to keep the fires of racism eternally lit. What began as smoldering embers is now a raging inferno. What have we done, and will we ever recover? As a people, this nation has sunk backward 60 years in the past six months. And we made it easy for those who want us to hate each other. Like cows watching a passing train. Where will it end?

Stay safe!

Joseph Shanklin

October 5, 2020

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