Like so many other short stories I post here, this may sound too strange to be real. I guarantee this event happened. In fact, it’s only rated a five or six on my wierdshitometer! For my life, it was just another day.

At the time, I was living in Aurora, Colorado. Aurora in a rather large city just East of Denver. I was having a conversation with someone I know, and we were standing on the Northeast corner of Hanover and 19th Avenue. I was explaining to him how my life was transforming, and soon I would need to make some more changes. I’ve known this man for 15 years. He has around during my dramatic second marriage.

During our conversation, I explained how good things had been happening to me on a daily basis. I gave him a few examples, but he did not seem to buy into what I was saying. The talk turned to cellphones, and I mentioned that I would need to find a new phone soon. That’s when it happened.

A truck was passing by on 19th Avenue from East to West. As the vehicle rolled by, we both glanced over as something fell off the back bumper. I knew immediately what had happened, and I did not doubt in the least what would happen next. Oh yes, a cellphone had fallen off the bumper and slid to a soft landing a few feet from my feet. I picked up the phone and smiled at the man I was talking to. It had landed on the backside, and the case was only slightly scratched.

The truck did not stop, and by the time I had picked up the phone, it was long gone. The incident didn’t surprise or phase me at all. My associate was a little shocked. That’s how it works. He needed to see something, and the Universe showed him. He handled it reasonably well, and only said, “what the f**k,” two or three times! I don’t remember what I did with the cellphone. However, I do remember that it was a working phone.

See, I warned you. It’s almost hard to believe, huh? I promise you, this and everything else that I post here is true.

I received my Master’s from The Universe University, home of endless possibilities and limitless achievements. No, school is far from out. I have to go, I’m late for class!

Joseph Shanklin

October 11, 2020

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