Last night during my Friday evening Drug Therapy Zoom Meeting, someone opened up about a recent drug relapse. I wanted to share what I told the gentleman last night.

Once a person has decided to use, sometimes the outcome may be altered if they can buy themselves some time. We need to delete and erase all forms of contact. If we don’t have those phone numbers and social media friends any longer, those who have or can get drugs, then maybe the process of finding drugs will take too long. Quite possibly, because it now takes longer to find drugs, we will buy ourselves enough time so that we will change our minds and not relapse. This, of course, is only one of many tools for relapse prevention. Every little brick helps to build a wall between the addict and the drug.

Joseph Shanklin

October 17, 2020

4 thoughts on “Relapse Prevention Tools [Buying Time]

  1. my cousin moved from Baltimore to Monument CO because of this…cut off almost all ties. When his parents (my aunt and uncle) decided to move out to CO, he could’ve stayed behind. But he didn’t, now he lives near Spokane, WA and is a real estate agent for Coldwell in WA. Haven’t talked to him in years though…

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      1. I’ve been able to cut most of the addictive people out of my life, but most of my problems came from alcohol not drugs. I even had a drug counselor tell me my problem was alcohol as when ever I got into trouble it was bc I had been drinking.

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