We have an incredible ability to achieve our goals and dreams. It’s inside all of us, and we simply have to make the choice. Only you can stop you.

Three years ago, if anyone would have said to me, “you’re going to build a new life for yourself. Between now and then, you will set the most difficult goals imaginable, and not only achieve them but exceed each goal and everyone’s expectations,” I surely would have believed them.

I teamed up with the Universe and stepped onto a path of self-discovery and life-changing experiences. By doing so, I committed myself to recognize the signs along the way. As with all trails, my road was littered with obstacles. I’ve embraced each struggle with open arms. When one door closes, at least one more opens. Behind every struggle can be found opportunity. By accepting the Universe instead of pushing against it, I’ve received assistance as opposed to objection. Time and time again, barricades have been removed from my path, many of them walking on two legs. Those who would sabotage my journey have been permanently taken off my chessboard. From day one, I’ve known where I was going because I can see where I will be.

Only you can stop you.

Joseph Shanklin

October 20, 2020

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