For nearly one and a half years, I have been writing about my journey and some of the fantastic experiences I’ve had along the way.

Nearly two years ago, following four years of heavy drug use, I chose to return to a life of sobriety. The entire time I was using, the memory of how much I love being sober continued to push its way towards the front of my mind. From the moment I took that first step and cleaned back up, that was it. I’d been shot from a canon of recovery, never to return to the drug World again.

Recently, something fantastic happened. Following more than ten years of painful separation, I’ve reconnected with those who I love the most. Next week I’ll be flying from Colorado to another state. Next week I’ll be face-to-face with those I love the most. Dreams do come true, prayers will be answered, and happy endings are possible.

My happiness is not complicated. In order to keep the ones I love, all that I have to do is what I’m already planning to do. I must remain sober for the rest of my days. Because I know the power of words, I’m speaking my words here to the Universe. I choose sobriety. I choose my family.

Happy endings are only the beginning.

Joseph Shanklin

November 3, 2020

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