This morning, something triggered one of the 2020 events into the front of my mind. On the plexiglass between the gas station attendant and myself, there was a sign announcing a US Coin shortage. The sign was leftover from the shutdown, something we must not repeat if possible. Our nation may not recover from a second shutdown.

The desire of some of those in power to move the World to digital currency cannot be dismissed. We’ve been rolling in that direction since the beginning. We cannot stop it from happening. I believe that some things happen because they must.

However, I’d be happy not to see it within my lifetime. That said, I’d prefer to push back the inevitable instead of shortening my life if possible. As it turns out, I’ll be spending the remainder of my days surrounded by my loved ones.

Joseph Shanklin

November 5, 2020

6 thoughts on “My Thoughts This Morning [Coin Shortage]

  1. As soon as some of our local stores and such started crying about the coin shortage, I dug out my jar of coins and started paying in change when I could. 😂 Or when paying in cash – giving exact change. You know… in an attempt to put some of the coins I’ve hoarded all year back into circulation. I also hope we don’t see complete digital currency in my lifetime, or my kids for that matter. Although – my kids lifetime is a much further stretch.

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    1. I would surely miss coins. Coins, paper money, stamps, and so many other things are part of our history. Our history, there’s another sensitive subject these days for sure. I don’t want to lose that either.

      Great feedback. Thank you, Amy.

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      1. In addition to missing history, it would also have detrimental effects on the economy. All of the little side jobs that kids do – like babysitting or mowing grass and shoveling would also all be at jeopardy. Quite literally everything would be taxed and tracked. No more little side jobs for adults just trying to stay on their feet either, or when they need extra cash for emergencies, holidays, and other special events. I think this would also take away from the learning process when we teach our kids about the value of money, and even how to count it properly. Coins and money are a huge part of learning, and financial responsibility. Our history is another sensitive subject with me as well lately. It’s really sad that so much of it is in jeopardy.

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