Following years of pain, struggle, and eventually rebirth, this day has finally come to pass. When I stop and gaze back at the mountain, it’s difficult not to become paralyzed with disbelief. I find myself whispering, “I’ve done it.”

For several weeks, I have been counting the days, patiently waiting for this incredibly special moment to arrive, and it’s finally here. I’m actually at Denver International Airport, sitting and waiting for my flight to Texas.

In a few hours, I will step off of the plane and see the mother of my children for the first time in more than ten years. About 90 minutes after that, I will see my daughter as well. My son is still in Illinois, but I plan on returning to Texas again before the end of the month when he returns for the holidays from school.

Tina and I have been divorced for more than 20 years. That said, the connection between us has remained undeniably profound. We’ve been talking at length every day for the past two months. I cannot remember the last time I’ve felt so happy and complete. From this point forward, and with her approval, I will be referring to Tina Shanklin as my wife.

Two weeks ago, my wife asked me, “how do you know that you love me?”

I accepted the challenge immediately, “ha-ha! Watch this!”

What began as a list has transformed into an essay. Always a Writer first, my last word count came in just under 1000. By the time I post [How Do You Know That You Love Me?], I’ll surely have to part it out over the span of a week.

What can I say? Writing makes everything easier. I should add, I need to hurry and finish my essay. šŸ™‚

Joseph Shanklin

November 10, 2020

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