More than half of the seats are empty. I have the entire row to myself. With the cabin lights down low and several air vents open, the airplane feels like a soft fluffy cloud. Please allow me to give a big SHOUT OUT to SOUTHWEST AIRLINES! Yes, it’s okay if this feels like an airline commercial.

I expected and was not surprised when an overwhelming feeling of [I do not want to leave] crashed into my mind. The past few days spent with my wife, daughter, and my daughter’s fiance were the highlight of my past 12 years. Yes, it has been 12 years since I had seen my wife and daughter.

There are so many feelings, voices, and images bouncing around my head. I cannot resist the desire to share something my wife asked me. The two of us were driving back from Louisiana to Houston when she asked, “do you love me, or are you in love with me?” Immediately, my brain signaled my mind with, “ha-ha, I know this one!”

I realize that quite a few men might stumble over a question such as this one. Hmmmmm . . . for myself . . . I happen to know the answer. Please allow me to explain.

I currently live in Denver, Colorado. My wife lives in Houston. I have always loved my wife, even though we’ve been divorced for 20 years. During this time, I have told many people that she lives in Texas, and I still love her. Of course, I love the mother of my children.

Okay, now here’s the difference, peeps. Being [in love] with her means that I’ll get on an airplane, fly to Houston, spend my three days off with her, and then return home and go directly back to work. Furthermore, I have already purchased tickets for another trip in two and a half weeks. And, I’ll be making another trip for the week of Christmas. And, I’ll be flying back and forth every few weeks until I move to Houston next year.

That’s right, I said it! I plan on stalking my family for the rest of my days! [Love] vs. [In Love] is not very complicated. Apparently, it simply comes down to frequent flyer miles.

Joseph Shanklin, Sr.

November 12, 2020

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