Everywhere I look, I see somebody commenting on this past year; The year of 2020. This year has been highly emotional for most everyone.

I posted something at the beginning of the year on this blog. I remember writing something to the effect of, “this will be a year of revealing.” At the time, I felt as though the World needed to brace for something or someone to make an appearance. Hmmmmm . . . maybe I was minimizing. Perhaps I was completely off base.

So much has happened, but not all of it bad. I’m confident that everyone has a reason to be thankful. Things can always be worse. There is always a lower level of low. Someplace else, a person has lost more than we have.

I refuse to allow myself to be controlled by fear. I’m not scared of Covid-19 or any other virus. I’ve done my research and working tirelessly to fortify my immune system. I trust the biological machine that is me to do its job and fight the good fight.

If you’ve watched [The Mandalorian], then you understand that [This is the way].

Joseph Shanklin

November 26, 2020

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