One particular morning last week, I woke up knowing that I had to do something immediately after making coffee. Two days after posting [Why I Love Her Part I], I pulled it back down. Why? Because I had made the mistake of posting something highly emotional without proper explanation.

Why I Love Her is the tragic tale of a man who walks away from his wife and children for one reason. So that he may continue to use drugs. This is a true story. It’s my story. Well, not all of my story, but an important piece of the rollercoaster puzzle that’s been my life.

I’m sharing this part of my life for several reasons. I want to show that it’s possible for someone to come back. I want to show that love can triumph over everything else, including the terrible depths of addiction. I want to show that achieving sobriety and making good decisions can work miracles.

At times, this story is brutally painful. After all, what kind of man, husband, and father would walk away from his loving family for any reason?

I’m going to re-post Part I.

Pictured: My wife and daughter today.

Joseph Shanklin

November 29, 2020

4 thoughts on “Why I Love Her [Introduction]

  1. Woah, I just posted about posting by mistake and here I am reading that you took a post down for the same reason… but with a much better reason. Somehow, my heart feels so heavy for you and your family. I hope this is all a part of the past and everything is alright now.

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