A second draft excerpt from of my novel.

This image does not belong to me, of course. This Bigfoot is from the famous Patterson Film.


Soloman sat quietly in the backseat of the taxi with a barrage of images clicking off in his mind. The events of the day would require time for his brain to process and analyze. Only then, by sitting down and painstakingly examining the evidence. The conversation he’d had with Abbey just days earlier resounded in his head. If nothing else came of this day, he had made a decision to go through with abbeys recommendation, and meet with a treatment professional for an individual session. It was time, Soloman would sit down with a Clinical Psychiatrist in an effort to curb his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder before things got worse. He was beginning to feel the tug, cravings pulling him towards the possibility of relapse. With everything in his life going so well, and now having so much to lose, more than ever Soloman understood the importance of making healthy decisions in order to maintain his sobriety. Without his sobriety, he would lose everything.

Feeling much lighter with that decision behind him, Soloman smiled with a memory from his past. Nearly ten years ago, while discussing the subject of Bigfoot with a close friend, the man had said, “Do you know why the pictures of Bigfoot are always blurry . . . every single picture . . . always blurry?”

Although, tempted to say [yes], Soloman decided it would be disastrous, and quite possibly heart breaking for his old friend. So, he played along and answered with the expected, “no . . . please tell me”.

Excited with the possibility of having stumped Soloman on a paranormal subject for the first time, his friend smiled widely, nearly bursting with his upcoming answer. First clearing his throat several times in the most dramatic way possible, his buddy gave the answer, “Because my friend. Bigfoot is blurry. He’s just a blurry dude, that’s all. Can you see?”

“Yes . . . Yes I can,” Soloman replied.

Joseph Shanklin

December 30, 2020

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