I live and work in Denver, Colorado, The Mile High City, and the land of terrible drivers. Over the years, the problem has spiraled out of control. Many of the local Denver Residents lay blame on the explosive growth the city has experienced.

My job requires me to help clean up some of the accidents. I’ve learned this: The difference between driving past a crash and being involved: The distance between automobiles. Nearly every accident is caused by following too closely, distracted driving, or a combination of both.

Last week during the Full Moon, I witnessed a noticeable increase in careless driving in Denver and the Houston area. Bad Driving Habits + Full Moon = Incredibly Shitty Driver!

For everyone: be careful, slow down, and focus on your driving. Most important, leave plenty of space between yourself and the vehicle in front of you. Be safe; people!

The accident pictured made the news.

Joseph Shanklin

January 5, 2021

4 thoughts on “My Thoughts This Morning [Careless Driving]

  1. I agree!! My full time job is at a salvage yard / towing company… The accidents I have seen, and the vehicles that come into our shop after the accidents are horrendous and very scary! We’ve even already had two of our tow trucks plowed into by semi’s. It’s equally amazing to me that people don’t follow the “Slow Down, Move Over” law. I keep meaning to write a post about it, but it gets pushed aside. Stay safe out there, friend!

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  2. Here we had a huge crash today on a major freeway. Happened at 1am . A tractor trailer crashed into another tractor trailer and then into the supports for an overpass. The trailer flipped and the tractor (engine )part came apart and jackknifed up to the top of the overpass and burst into flames. It took an hour to get the driver cut out and he was taken to hospital with life threatening injuries. I think maybe the truck driver fell asleep at the wheel. The highway was closed for the entire day. Grim reminder to not drive when tired.

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