Breaking the Cycles of Dysfunction, it’s the obligation of every Mother and Father. Addiction, Molestation, all patterns of Abuse, and anything else classified as Dysfunction. As parents, we must devote ourselves to stop the madness. Otherwise, what the f**k are we doing as parents?

Something I love about my wife, and the mother of my children, is her capacity to do whatever it takes to break cycles. Over the years, I’ve learned this; she divorced me to Break the Cycle of Addiction within our family. Now that I’m sober, I’ve returned to the lives of my wife and children.

For years we resided nearly a thousand miles apart, living completely different lives. During that time, I struggled with a toxic relationship, addiction, legal issues, and the loss of everything I hadn’t already lost.

Yes, even without me there, my kids continued to grow up. My children are beautiful, amazing, healthy, and very successful! My daughter has her Master’s in Psychology, and my Son is preparing to graduate from four years of Pre-law. Soon he will begin six years of Law School in Texas.

My Wife accomplished this without me. I was a good Husband and Father initially, but as I’ve already written, drugs, infidelity, and bad decisions were my downfall. Yes, back then, I’d become an incredibly selfish son of a gun.

I cannot praise and thank my wife enough for everything she’s done by herself. What I can do, is spend the remainder of my days by her side, showing love, honor, gratitude, and support.

We cannot change the past. We can change ourselves. Second chances can happen. Happy endings are real. Never give up or surrender!

Joseph Shanklin

January 19, 2021

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