I have a history of being slightly creative when it comes to entertaining my family. Over the years, my children have listened to countless tales of The Christmas Bunny. I’ll be posting something pertaining to the Christmas Bunny soon. Last weekend, I copied the following page from Wikipedia. 😊


Wyoming is home to the most significant population of Wild Lamas in the World, including the dreaded Chupacabra Lama. This creature doesn’t merely suck the blood from the goat but devours the entire animal, leaving nothing behind except the horns. Before humankind established communities across the plain, the Chupacabra Lama inhabited and hunted throughout the prairies. The herds moved into the high country, above 10,000 feet, during the early 19th century.

Caution: Do not approach a Chupacabra Lama under any circumstances!

Joseph Shanklin

January 26, 2021

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