There were 104 murders in Denver during 2020. Crime here in The Mile High City is out of control. The metro area has become a Mecca for stolen cars and trucks. I recently spent ten weeks towing Stolen/Recovered Vehicles to The Denver Impound. Criminals are not being held in jail or given a bond. Instead, nearly 100% of everyone arrested is immediately released back on to the street.

Sadly, there are several [clowns] advocating to dismantle the Police Department. I’ve had an opportunity to observe a few [assclowns]. I wonder, do these individuals dial 911 when the necessity arises?

My job requires me to work closely with First Responders. State Troopers, Local PD, The Sheriff’s Department, EMS, and The Fire Department. We work with the best of the best. Of course, like anything else, there will always be a few bad apples. That said, I can tell the difference, and the majority of these professionals are professionals. Every time I go to work, I witness Caring and Patience.

After being dispatched to a crime scene to pick up a vehicle, I had an opportunity to watch two women using their cellphones to film the Police and Paramedics. Sadly, EMS was dealing with a physically injured woman in distress and suffering from one or more forms of Mental Illness. The Film Production Wanna-bees seemed to be on a mission to agitate and provoke the poor woman.

Not only were these two individuals in the way and violating the boundaries of multiple First Responders, but they obviously hadn’t been informed about the global pandemic situation. Self-control won the day, and I fought back the temptation to walk across the street and secure two Taco Bell applications for the [mental midgets] who had nothing else to do but cause as much harm as possible.

I understand as well as anyone that mistakes have been made by a handful of bad Cops and Medical Professionals. Elijah McClain was killed right here in Aurora, Colorado. Unlike some of the other publicized deaths, Elijah hadn’t done anything to deserve police contact. The young man shouldn’t have been stopped by The Aurora Police Department, much less injected with Ketamine. He was stopped because a convenience store clerk called the police and reported him as [suspicious]. I’m surprised the store hasn’t been burned to the f*****g ground.

In closing, only a small percentage of Police Officers are [bad]. Of course, some of these [bad apples] are likely not [bad people] but [bad hires]. I know this is accurate because I watch them at work. Yes, with my own Eyes, Ears, and a high level of Discernment.

I’ll never be that person who runs around playing cop of telling on people. As I’ve said before, I can’t stomach rats and those who betray their own people. Especially for profit! That said, Law Enforcement has earned my respect.

Joseph Shanklin

January 30, 2021

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