The benefits of two years of sobriety are as follows!

Yesterday I flew from Denver to Chicago to meet my Wife. Tina had arrived minutes before me from Houston. After picking up our rental, we made it to the hotel in just three hours. Not bad, considering the brutal below zero temperatures.

Before leaving Downtown Chicago, my wife and I enjoyed lunch at Lou Malnati’s. Malnati’s is famous for its Classic Chicago Style Deep-dish Pizza. Tina had been there before, but yesterday was my first time visiting the restaurant. I was not disappointed.

This morning my Son is giving me a tour of his college campus. Even though he’s preparing to graduate from four years of Pre-law this Spring, this is the first time I’ve seen his school. Joseph Jr. traveled here via a Football Scholarship four years ago. I could not be more proud of my Son. Next stop, another four years of Law School.

I’ll be spending this Valentine’s evening with my Wife. We’re meeting my Son and his girlfriend tomorrow and then flying out in the evening. Tina’s going home to Houston, and I need to return to Denver. I’ll be a resident of Texas soon. Right around the time my Son graduates and moves back to Cypress, I’ll be leaving Colorado behind and becoming a Texan! The thought of my Wife, Son, and Daughter living beneath the same roof as myself is . . . well . . . beyond words.

I’m Blessed!

Joseph Shanklin

February 14, 2021

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