If you didn’t already know, I’ve been divorced from my wife for many years. Six months ago, we stepped onto the road of reconciliation. Until I move to Texas this Summer, we’ve committed ourselves to the challenges of a long-distance relationship.

Relationships are give-and-take. I frequently look to my wife for words of wisdom and take them for my own. I’ve been doing this for a long time. As I’ve written before, Tina’s words have always been there, echoing within my mind. We didn’t speak for almost a decade, but I could still hear her words.

My roommate and I rent a three-bedroom house in Denver. The price is right, so I plan on staying here until I join my wife and kids in Cypress, Texas, this Summer. Unfortunately, there’s a catch to our money-saving rent situation. The home comes with drama at no extra charge. Without getting too specific and placing anyone under the spotlight, my roommate and I are continually dealing with other people’s problems.

I’ve also written about my views on sabotage. I do not believe in sabotage. We are responsible for everything within our lives. Why? Because we have control over who we allow getting close to us. We always have a choice. Do you see the conflict here?

Recently, during one of the many issues here on the Ranch, a new challenge sprang from the Well of Drama And Enabling! As evidence of my ability to learn from my past mistakes, I immediately invited my wife into my decision-making process. Long story short, Tina suggested, “show that person Grace and help them.”

Joseph Shanklin

February 21, 2021

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