It’s All Fun And Games Until . . .

I posted something recently about automobile accidents. In that piece, I wrote, “the two direct causes of crashes are following too closely and distracted driving.” I’m going to add a third; selfishness.

While patrolling Interstate 225 Friday evening, I was dispatched to a Multi-vehicle Accident [MVA] without injuries. Being dispatched to a crash during rush hour is a tremendous challenge. The one place I’m trying to reach is the very spot causing the traffic jam. When this happens, there are only two options. One, I can get a police escort. Two, I can roll up the shoulder of the highway. Since the crash was only about one mile North, I opted to cruise up the left shoulder.

I hadn’t gone even 50 yards when something caught my attention. Two vehicles had decided to join me and were following my truck. Apparently, these clowns thought they were special. Little did they know, the left lane and shoulder were closed by Law Enforcement not more than a quarter-mile over the next hill. I probably did them a favor by stopping and directing both drivers to merge back into traffic.

I witness such selfishness and entitlement every day. Of course, the same drivers that pretend the roads are a video game are the same drivers causing accidents. What did mom use to say? It’s all fun and games until . . .

Joseph Shanklin

February 28, 2021

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