Like so many pieces I write, this one began as one and ended as another. Occasionally, I cannot refrain from saying just enough.

Ride The Avalanche

There was a time when waking up to the Local News with a cup of coffee was the only way I would begin my day. I remember getting up early to make time for both. I still make sure I have extra time in the morning before work, but my priorities have changed. Reading and writing [with coffee] have replaced watching and listening.

Still, sometimes I cannot help myself. I give in to the overwhelming urge to experience my old routine by turning on a Local Denver News Channel. My choice of Talking Heads matters little; lies and manipulation is the only option. Oh, there is always a sprinkling of truth mixed in for texture. Enough to . . . well . . . just enough to fool the masses.

My family lives in Texas. Because of this, I have a direct line to the US Border Crisis down South. The situation in Texas is incredibly volatile and heart-wrenching. I will not use this platform to discuss the facts and details. Although, I will scratch this in stone. If your Local Media Source is anything like what we have here in Denver, you are not being shown the truth. Only a carefully crafted web of horseshit perpetrated by our Federal Government. More specifically, the Executive Branch.

The people of Texas are running out of patience. Before this year is over, I’ll join my family down South. I haven’t even started packing yet, and my patience with a particular administration is already gone. I believe it’s only a matter of time before The Republic of Texas succeeds from the Union. I’ll be there to add support.

I intentionally stay away from politics on my blog. Not because I’m afraid to stand by what I believe in, but because I’m not trying to convince anyone of my point of view. My views are my views, and they are based on Research, Personal Experience, and Discernment. 

If you look past the Smiles, Editing, and Illusion, you may glimpse their agenda. I’ve been watching and waiting for a long time for these events to unfold. Sadly, we’ve made it easy for them. Piece by piece, we have surrendered our Freedoms, Rights, and Opportunities. Divide and conquer on a grand scale.

The stage is set. What will take place over the next few years cannot be undone. Please make no mistake, it’s a takeover, and it began a long time ago. At the end of the day, things happen because they must. Don’t give in to fear, the Universe will not allow this World to remain out of balance any longer than necessary. It’s all happened before, and it will always end the same; corrected. 

Joseph Shanklin

March 28, 2021

3 thoughts on “Ride The Avalanche

  1. You are right on so many points… we have to go through what we need to go through to get where we’re going. And in the end, things will work out the way they should. Getting there, I think could be hell, so to say. We can’t give up…

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  2. Very well said my friend,
    Also just throwing out a thought, if you’d be interested I’m looking to fill some spots coming up on our podcast. If you’d like to come on and talking about article and more let me know.

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