Few write about it. How many of us spend time reading about it? What is it? The unpleasant truth of what’s here and what’s coming next. The fact that we’re circling the drain and steering rapidly for the unknown. Dramatic, isn’t it!

No, I’m not referring to the end of the world. The world isn’t going to stop turning, wobbling, and hurling through space. Humanity will not simply cease to exist any time soon.

Like most of you, I visit a multitude of blogs. My choices are highly diverse, unrestricted by Language or Continent of Origin. At times, I feel my way to the words, leap-frogging through websites until I find it. When the search ends, I discover what I was looking for.

Many writers are dedicating their time and words to what’s going on all around us. The hard reality we’ve allowed ourselves to become ensnared within. A few of these particularly bold writers don’t hold back, shocking their audience and offering up as much information as they can, hoping to open as many ears and minds as possible.

Regardless of the source, the pattern doesn’t seem to change. Even if the blogger has thousands of followers, the outcome usually remains the same. When someone writes about the ugliness of our situation, few readers leave their mark behind.

At times, I wonder this: Maybe some readers agree and appreciate the information but refuse to leave a lasting fingerprint for personal reasons. Maybe there’s a perception of [that’s horseshit], and readers move on. Perhaps it’s all too much. Or, and this is what I feel; Most people do not want to see or hear the truth because they would have to wrap their minds around what’s going on. I would compare this to the [Breaking Dam Analogy]. 

I completely understand; we have enough negativity in the News, on the Radio, and all over Social Media. Especially after surviving a year of Global Pandemic, Election Chaos, Fake News, Social Media Insanity, and Assclowns Looting our cities. Who would want to spend their morning [or whenever] drinking coffee and reading about what most people consider to be Conspiracy Theories?

Even now, I’m dancing around the subject, saying little or nothing at all. And why would I do such a thing? Because I don’t need to tell you what’s on my mind. I don’t need to say the words. Search your mind; I feel you already know what I’m speaking of.

Joseph Shanklin

April 10, 2021

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