Something is going on at the store, and it’s getting worse. Every retail establishment I visit is guilty of this, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. Our Grocery Stores are stealing from us, and they’re good at it.

I see it every single time I visit a store; manipulation of prices. Store employees intentionally place the product out of place, positioning it with incorrect [lower] prices. The fact that it’s intentional is not up for debate. I’ve been seeing the pattern for years, and I’m 100% sure these f*****s are doing it to steal our money.

It’s not complicated; the product is intentionally placed, so the customer will believe it costs less than it does. Ranging anywhere from $1 to $20 [or higher], I’ve seen some outlandish manipulation over the years. Quite often, the print used for product description is small, too small for many shoppers to read without some form of magnification. Other times a language barrier will be used, such as English vs. Spanish.

I’ll use Wal-Mart as an example. The chain serves approximately 250,000,00 people each week. That’s about 13,000,000,000 transactions l per year. The average shopper spends about $140 each time they visit Wal-Mart. I’m watching for the scam, and I still come close to being scammed quite often. Many shoppers don’t pay close attention, thereby not verifying actual prices vs. correct products. I cannot confirm how much Wal-Mart is stealing from each transaction, but $1 for each ticket equals $13 Billion per year. Ten cents equal $1.3 Billion. I highly doubt the number is less than a dime, probably closer to a dollar.

The fact that the world is suffering and our grocery stores feel it’s okay to steal from anyone and everyone who walks through their doors pisses me off beyond imagination. These retail establishments can, should, and must eat a sack of dicks immediately! Not just share a sack, but every store manager gets to consume their own personal hefty bag of penises!  Enjoy your lunch, bitches!

Joseph Shanklin

April 13, 2021

3 thoughts on “We Are Being Scammed [

  1. It happens a lot, and they know if the product is needed there isn’t much we, the consumer, can do about it…accept hit them with the pocket book, or lack of it. If sales go down, stores practices will change. With covid, they know they can get away with it…
    I almost always check prices, and if I can…make or grow whatever I can. I’m just glad I had the parents I had…who taught me the importance of self reliance, so to speak.

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