Politics aside, I need to say this. We should all be concerned with our current Presidential Administration.

Never before have I seen a greater example of senior citizen abuse than with Joe Biden. The man is obviously losing his mind. Alzheimer’s or Dementia; he is slipping away piece by piece before the eyes of the world. The media can no longer conceal his illness by clipping and compressing video footage. The truth is out there.

There is no debate, people. He is suffering from a disease of the brain. Furthermore, what kind of cruel bitch allows her husband to spend his final days paraded around on a leash instead of being home with his family. The man’s handlers should be incarcerated.

The thought of Harris taking over is beyond troubling.

Joseph Shanklin

April 24, 2021

10 thoughts on “Joe Biden, Abused Senior Citizen

      1. Even with note cards and teleprompter, he messes up. The thought of Kamala taking over also scares me…she’s pretty much running the show, in my opinion. It’s just a matter of time before the curtain is pulled back, so to speak

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      2. I think, and this is my opinion, there were so many people that hated Trump so much that they would’ve voted for anyone. I honestly don’t think enough people voted for Biden for him to win…

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  1. It bothers me when people say “Biden did this” and “Biden did that.” The truth is, he doesn’t do anything. I doubt seriously he knows where he is or why he’s there. I think they tell him to sign executive orders and say certain things in speeches and promise if he gets it right (or right-ish, anyway) that they’ll go for ice cream.

    The person I’m maddest at is his wife, Doctor Biden. She knows what his condition is, and if she were any kind of wife she’d have told the people who suggested that her husband run for president “no,’ unequivocally. All I can figure is that whoever’s pulling the strings has something on her, or that she’s one of the people pulling the strings.

    Understand, I don’t like him at all, not after the high-tech lynching he put Clarence Thomas through. But I pity him. He shouldn’t be treated like this. Not by anyone, especially not by his wife, not in his current condition.

    And it really has me wondering who is really in charge. But that’s a matter for another day…

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  2. Hi There from the UK

    I have written about Joe Biden on my website, but even to me on the other side of the pond, I can see how numbskullingly dumb Joe Biden has become. I would say it is just sad but I believe his actions in his life have revolved around deceiving himself, let alone the American public.

    This has sadly resulted in his dementia, which was evident during the campaigning.

    If of any use you could look at the following links on my site. I tried to fair in post ‘Joe Biden’, but as the whole thing has become quite ridiculous I can only ridicule him and his administration.

    Except of course it is not really his but what I call the triumvirate, the subject of another post. Here are the links to those interested.






    These also contain references to Joe which may amuse.



    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

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