A few years ago, during my running and gunning days, I often questioned my destiny. More specifically, would a life of loneliness and solitude not only be necessary but desired. Following years of pain and tragedy, I was prepared to spend the remainder of my life alone.

My mindset was clear. I must live out the rest of my days without love or affection. With the exception of a relationship with my children, I  would not allow anyone to get close to me.

Of course, last September, everything changed. I reconciled with my wife, the mother of my children. Following 20 years of divorce, the Universe played an unexpected card from its hand. Mysterious ways and all.

For the first time anywhere, I’m going to say something. In fact, I haven’t said this to my Wife and Kids yet. I’ve always said I would repair the relationship with my children, but what I haven’t told anyone was this. I knew it would happen. I did see it coming. More than once, I glimpsed our marriage rising from the ashes like a Phoenix.

Joseph Shanklin

April 24, 2021

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