There’s been an above-average amount of chatter lately concerning UFOs, Aliens, and the Disclosure of Evidence. Surprisingly, much has reached the mainstream media. Once again, there are murmurs, “something’s coming.”

It seems like something is always coming. Every ten years, the world is ending. For a long time, the History Channel became the Doomsday Channel. And why not? There’s a lot of money in Apocalypse. Like the Mayan Calendar, everything gets highjacked, modified, manipulated, and squeezed for a profit. Oh, and don’t forget [Fear and Control].

Recently, I watched the movie [Arrival]. Mysterious spaceships touch down globally, and a small team of professionals works tirelessly to establish communication. I liked the 2016 Science Fiction Drama.

Early in the story, the two main characters observe someone being hauled away on a stretcher and question why. The soldier replies, “some people can’t process this sort of thing.”

Ya, no kidding! History shows us ultimately what happens when the average human brain attempts to process an alien invasion. Remember, War of The Worlds; the 1938 Halloween radio broadcast demonstrated the public’s inability to remain calm during such a crisis. Fortunately, Americans have been slowly desensitized to similar events through the use of Movies, Television, Books, and Video Games.

Many may not agree, but I support government coverups when it comes to such things. Our government has a right to its secrets, especially when it comes to national security. Why? The majority of men and women cannot healthily process such things. In other words, they completely lose their shit. You think the pandemic was bad, picture the ultimate rush on toilet paper!

Here’s something to consider. If a government desired to use Alien Contact for fear and control [I don’t know if they do], they wouldn’t need to wait for UFOs to land. There is a large percentage of people who already believe aliens are here. All they would need to do is convince the population of an authentic close encounter, and poof, instant panic! I can already hear the frantic screams, “government, please save us!”

Over the years, I’ve had a few personal experiences I cannot explain. I’m speaking of lights in the sky doing maneuvers, unlike anything the world’s current level of technology should be able to accomplish. Yes, I’ve seen Unidentified Flying Objects. Lights under intelligent control, at times producing incredible unearthly speeds and maneuvers. That said, I cannot validate what I’ve seen as alien spaceships. Why? I do not have proof.

Since childhood, I’ve always believed we are not alone. From Goldilocks Planets [Circumstellar Habitable Zone] to The Marvel Universe, science supports life beyond our Solar System. The truth is out there.

Joseph Shanklin

May 7, 2021

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