Recently, I came across an intriguing article about addiction recovery. This particular piece compared the following: (A) Quitting through a structured program, such as The Twelve Steps. (B) Quitting through abstinence.

The abstinence method eliminated the use of a Higher Power and focused exclusively on the concept of the addict being their own Higher Power. Condensed version: Quitting through Pure Will Power.

If I remember correctly, most narcotic medication bottles dispensed by pharmacies state something like this: May Be Habit Forming!

Without getting into the vast list of reasons why I’ll make this simple statement: There is a difference between an addict and someone physically dependant upon addictive medication. I’ve heard quite a few people say, “I just quit. I was hooked, but I stopped and never looked back!” I’m delighted for those individuals, but chances are they’re not an addict by definition.

I’ve known others who drink every night after work until it becomes a problem at home, possibly with their spouse or family. They may or may not be an alcoholic. Simple quitting may be the answer to their problem.

Not everyone who becomes physically dependant upon a substance is an addict or alcoholic. Rarely does an addict or alcoholic stop using through the use of abstinence. I feel it’s essential to understand the difference, particularly for the suffering families of the suffering.

Joseph Shanklin

May 22, 2021

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