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Summer of Giant Crickets

Truth can easily be as strange or stranger as fiction. Much of what I’ve experienced throughout the rollercoaster ride would overload the average wierdshitometer. This event took place approximately five years ago.

I’d been spending quite a bit of time at a friend’s house in Aurora, Colorado. My buddy had a workshop in his backyard, and a few of his friends [including myself] would hang out in the evening. Sobriety was not required.

When my buddy and another friend told me they’d seen a giant black cricket, I scoffed. Chalking it up to drugs, possibly a hallucinogen such as LSD or mushrooms. Either way, I did not believe the story of the giant black cricket in the shed.

The following evening I was sitting alone out there, waiting patiently for my friend to show up. The shed was divided into two areas, with a wall splitting the structure down the middle. The wall only ran halfway through the shed, allowing someone to pass easily from one side to the other.

I was sitting on a chair when I noticed something moving out of the corner of my eye. I expected to see a large mouse, but instead, it was a huge black cricket. The creature was as big as a pack of cigarettes [100s not regular]. It ambled out into the room, looked at me, turned around, and then meandered back around to the other side of the shed. The head was large enough that I could make out features of its face. Jiminy Cricket be damned! This thing was a monster!

I paused for a few seconds, trying to wrap my mind around what I’d seen. When I looked around the corner, it was gone. I kicked a few boxes on the floor, but I didn’t find the cricket.

A few nights later, I spotted another giant black cricket. However, this one was smaller, slightly larger than a silver dollar. Never again have I seen such a creature. I must add this: I was not using hallucinogenics or anything else that would cause such sighting.

Joseph Shanklin

May 29, 2021

8 thoughts on “Summer of Giant Black Crickets

  1. Wow! Guess they grow the crickets big up there! Wish I could have seen it. In Tx one year we had a cricket invasion – millions of them crawling everywhere, but they were just regular sized. haha! 🙂

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  2. NJ here. Past three summers i’ve been noticing the black crickets getting larger and growing in numbers. They infest homes! Nothing funny about them. Gross.

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