Since adolescence, we’ve been educated not to play in traffic. So, what do I do? I accept employment requiring me to work in ‘live traffic.’ So much for making rational decisions, huh.

Without question, my job is hazardous. Whether patrolling, assisting drivers on the Interstate Highway, or helping The State Patrol with automobile accidents, I’m constantly risking life and limb. I accept that part of the job. Besides, I’ve always wanted to be a First Responder. It’s worth the risk.

Yesterday, I was nearly caught by a large mirror. Apparently, the driver hadn’t heard of the [Move over / Slow Down] state law. Nor did he have any concept of how far his mirrors protruded from his large work truck.

It was the first time I’ve ever had to flatten myself against my truck to avoid being smashed. The large, heavy mirror nearly got me. The look on my co-worker’s face said it all. He was as shocked as I was and asked me if I’d like to forward the video footage from his dashcam to law enforcement.

Nearly clobbered by the heavy mirror of a truck doing 40 MPH, several possible new challenges flashed through my mind. That’s how fast it can happen! My life nearly changed course yesterday.

Joseph Shanklin

June 5, 2021

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