Dream Journal Crash Report [Japanese Language]

For more than 18 months, I've been journaling my dreams upon waking up. I've labeled this experiment [The Crash Report]. For this process to work, I must put my thumbs to my cellphone as soon as I open my eyes. Otherwise, the majority of my dreams fade into oblivion within seconds. Possibly due to the … Continue reading Dream Journal Crash Report [Japanese Language]

Sober Is Power

Recently, a friend asked me, "how long have you been sober?" Until that moment, I'd lost track of my clean time. Only after a brief pause was I able to calculate and answer, "two and a half years." Addicts choose sobriety and recovery for a variety of reasons. These reasons are a common subject of … Continue reading Sober Is Power

Careful What You Wish For [Repost]

Careful What You Wish For Re-post Unfortunately for the addict, the enemy is addiction, and addiction has unlimited resources. Yes, our enemy has been planning for battle, going to war, and killing addicts since coping skills first came into existence. Like combat, the battle of maintaining sobriety is a fluid situation, and the enemy [addiction] … Continue reading Careful What You Wish For [Repost]

Growing Up On A Reservation [Rumbles]

To one degree or another, most young people learn how to fight. For those with brothers and sisters, fighting at home is not an option. Older siblings tend to push their younger brothers and sisters around. At times going as far as to land a few punches. All with love, of course. Truth be told, … Continue reading Growing Up On A Reservation [Rumbles]