For more than 18 months, I’ve been journaling my dreams upon waking up. I’ve labeled this experiment [The Crash Report]. For this process to work, I must put my thumbs to my cellphone as soon as I open my eyes. Otherwise, the majority of my dreams fade into oblivion within seconds.

Possibly due to the oddity of last night’s dream, I can still remember that moment upon waking. Those words are there, echoing within my mind. What can only be compared to the [Japanese Language] still hasn’t completely faded?

I don’t remember what woke me up last night at 11:59 PM. Just seconds before the stroke of midnight, something pulled me back from an incredibly mysterious landscape. A woman, standing a few feet away, was speaking to me in a foreign language. By the time my eyes opened, I could no longer understand her words.

I do not understand or profess discernment over my dreams. Such a skill is incredibly rare. Furthermore, I’m confident the majority of those individuals who make such a validation are greatly mistaken. I recommend throwing the [bullshit] flag often. So, why did I dream of the Japanese Language? Possibly because I recently watched The Karate Kid. 

Joseph Shanklin

August 22, 2021

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