I’m edging closer to joining together with my family in Texas. My wife and kids [and three dogs] are patiently waiting for me to get my butt down south. Everything hinges on my job search. I’m nearly there.

If you missed my last post, I’ve moved back into a Sober House. I needed a place to live for a few months, somewhere I would not be required to sign a lease. This way, I didn’t need to look for a roommate. The cost of rent in Denver is over-the-top stupid expensive. Ever since marijuana was legalized a few years back, millions [feels like millions] of bong-hitting liberals have flocked to this city. It’s gross.

The Colorado landscape is beautiful, but the mountains aren’t enough to keep me here. Everything feels . . . feels . . . well . . . grimy now. The same unclean feeling I used to get from just Boulder, I now detect throughout the entire metro area. I can’t wait to escape to Texas, the land of Freedom, Guns, Southern Christian Family Values, and more Guns. The older I get, the more conservative I become. The more I see and feel, the more I realize the importance of conservative values. Chaos and evil will not and cannot hold society together. In the end, good will always repair the damage. Law and order will always step in and force the beast back to its tiny dark cage.

The downside to having eight roommates, as least one of them has Covid right now at this moment. My roommate has the virus. Yes, I’m sharing a room with a dude who tested positive for Covid a few days ago. When asked if I’d like to change rooms and leave the basement, I declined and explained the situation. If I have the virus, then I need to be careful not to infect anyone else. If I don’t have the virus, I’ll need to stay where I’m at and help with my quarantined roommate. Since I was not scared, I volunteered to stay. One week after he tested positive, I still don’t have the virus. I tested negative! Fuck Covid-19. I’ll never subscribe to fear.  

Joseph Shanklin

September 14, 2021

8 thoughts on “Yes, My Roommate Has Covid. So What?

    1. He’s quarantined to the room. Leaving only for restroom ECT. Although, this year I’ve learned most people who test positive are simply doing business as usual. Still going to work, store, and everything else. Not in my household, but I do hear about it often. Not good.

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    1. Thank You! I’ve been handing out vitamins and zinc to my roommates. Also getting them to drink more water. Tuesday, I found myself gloves up and washing bedding for the Covid-19 infected. This was followed by lots of Lysol. My work is never done. Someone has to help the situation. 😊

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