Well, my roommate is nearly finished with his quarantine. Come Monday; he can return to the land of the non-infectious. He’s played the zombie role well, venturing out only for short trips to the basement bathroom. Technically, nobody in this world can force another adult to stay in their room, so I must give him praise for locking himself down voluntarily.

Another resident of the house has tested positive for the virus. This time, it’s someone from the second floor instead of the basement. I haven’t been to the second floor, but I’ve been told he’s been sleeping for a couple of days.

Several of the other sober houses were quarantined before my roommate contracted the virus. Interaction between houses ended a couple of weeks ago. Things have been modified to prevent the spread.

I’ve watched this experience become a reality check for some people. The balance between preventing the spread of a virus and keeping the wheels turning isn’t as black and white as most would like. People, in general, are not prepared to deal with a health crisis. Many do not have healthy relationships with immediate family. Few have someone on hand ready and willing to see to their needs. At the end of the day, life continues, even during a Global Pandemic.

Interestingly, nearly every single time I hear about someone getting Covid-19, that individual has been vaccinated. Remember when being vaccinated equaled not catching something? I could spend some time writing about mRNA Vaccination Technology, but what’s the point? People believe what they choose to believe. Whatever helps to create and complete their reality.

Maybe because I’ve been able to see the truth since the beginning of the pandemic, this thing is different for me? Possibly, since I know the truth, I feel a certain way about what’s happening? Although, knowing something doesn’t always equal knowing all of the details. If you look someone in the eye and you’re sure they’re lying to you, it doesn’t mean that you understand why they are full of shit. Sadly, in this case, I’ve always known why. Search your feelings [yes, like Star Wars], and you will see the truth of what’s happening.

Joseph Shanklin

September 18, 2021

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