When the second resident from the house tested positive for Covid, I wasn’t surprised. This time, the unfortunate one resides on the second floor of the house. We’ll call him [case #2].

Well, #2 slept for about four days. I was under the impression he’d be quarantined, similar to my roommate. Several residents had spoken up, demanding that Case #1 stays in his room, which is also my room. As I posted last week, I opted not to change rooms. Apparently, that was a good decision since I would have landed in the same room as #2. No doubt, being blamed for the new infection.

After four days of sleep, #2 planted himself on the sofa in the living for Sunday football. On the loveseat right next to him, another resident. This particular individual had raised an alarm when #1 strolled outside for a few minutes during his quarantine. He’d messaged something to the house like [well, he just doesn’t get it!]. Fast forward one week, he’s doing an NFL play-by-play with the infected. By the end of Sunday, #2 had spent nearly 10 hours watching television in the living room. This was followed up last night with Monday Night Football. Sports trumps quarantine where I live.

I’ll add this. Case #2 spent considerable time holding and petting the only dog in the house. The dog belongs to another resident from upstairs. I imagine he sleeps with his dog, but I’m not entirely sure since I don’t go upstairs. From what I’ve read, pets can transfer the virus. Case #2 has already been allowed back into the kitchen, of course. I have no doubt; he’s been wearing the same blue disposable mask for a week. This is why masks have been labeled [germ-infested face diapers]. Gross!

I’ve said this many times; I’m not scared of Covid. So when I write about these things, it’s not to express any level of fear. I am expressing a small opportunity to catch a peek at what’s going on around the globe. People are highly imperfect, selfish creatures, making bad decisions day and night. Most of them will point their fingers, but few will make the hard decisions. Few will do the work. Still, fewer will take the road less traveled.

This virus cannot be stopped. Flattening the curve equals stretching things out over a more extended period of time. We live in a diverse world with diverse people. Grimy little creatures with filthy masks are everywhere, making terrible, selfish decisions that may affect you and yours.

I’ll add this. There’s talk about testing everyone again for Covid. Seems like a waste of time and money if it doesn’t lead anywhere. Furthermore, most medical professionals recommend not retesting [nasal swab] those who have already been quarantined for 10 days or more. False positives are not uncommon. Especially if the individual doesn’t perform basic nose hygiene.

Joseph Shanklin

September 21, 2021

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