A few days ago, I heard someone from upstairs may be sick. This morning when I came up from the basement and found a resident in the kitchen, I knew immediately. What did I learn? Well, he was wearing a mask while he made himself a cup of coffee. Following a brief conversation [separated by 15 feet], I discovered he’d failed an at-home Covid-19 Test and was waiting for the results from a second test. Apparently, the man has been vaccinated as well.

As we all know, being vaccinated against Covid-19 has almost nothing to do with catching or not catching the virus. Yes, I know—Delta, blah, and blah. The thing is, I know first hand.

I am nearly 100% sure I contracted Covid after being vaccinated. Yes, I’ve received the Moderna shots [I’m still not a zombie]. I wasn’t prepared to argue with my wife over the whole thing. My wife and Mother-in-law are high-risk. I fly to Houston once each month. I work as a First Responder. As much as I trust my immune system, I love my family more. I love not fighting with my wife more. I’ll risk being a damn zombie.

Anyway, I’ve spent a lot of time around people who’ve had the virus. A few months after being vaccinated, I spent several days with someone who had Covid. I didn’t get sick, but I did feel something, almost like the tail-end of a cold. You know, when the virus has run its course, and you’re nearly entirely back to normal. That lasted for two or three days, and then nothing. I do not attribute my hardiness to the vaccine. I’m fortunate [Thank God]; my immune system is solid. I rarely get sick. Even during the winter, I sleep with a large fan right next to my head every night. I did that all through the pandemic, and nothing. Nothing, not even a sniffle.

Well, obviously, the roommate from upstairs will not be quarantined. In fact, last I looked, he was cleaning the kitchen and doing the house dishes. Hmmmmmm . . . I’m not sure that’s a good idea. Having someone with Covid-19 doing the dishes. You know, the dishes for all nine residents of this house. Hey, it’s not within my span of control. I just live here. I just breathe here.

Be careful out there. Build your immune system. No, really, build your immune system! We’re designed that way. I still don’t recommend the vaccine. I know so many people will not agree.

Joseph Shanklin

October 12, 2021

2 thoughts on “Covid In The House [Once Again]

  1. I’m 72 and I am fully vaccinated. At my age I have had all the vaccines: small pox., polio, TB, measles, yellow fever , typhoid etc etc etc. We all had them when I was growling up sor travelling o the Covid vaccine was not a problem mentally or physically for me. But I still wear a mask and keep my distance and keep my immune system in good shape. Stay well Joe!

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