For many years, people from all around the nation and the world have been migrating to the Denver area. From Fort Collins to Colorado Springs, the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains has been filling up with various cultures. I’ve always been a fan of diversity.

As cities go, Denver isn’t all that big. I can’t see it ever being compared to say . . . hmmmmmmm . . . Houston, Texas. Year after year, the metro traffic quality has steadily deteriorated to a state of . . . well . . . our traffic sucks. Poor highway planning and a general lack of adequate infrastructure can certainly be blamed for most of the city’s traffic difficulties. For the past 20 years, Denver has been known to have only two seasons: Winter and Construction. In fact, construction goes year-round. What most people don’t realize; the Winters here are reasonably passive.

Not only is Denver congested, but I see a steady decline in safe driving habits. I have a theory. I believe some of these issues are rooted in Denver’s diversity. The Mile High City’s complex Non-native Population.

I know for a fact, driving habits tend to differ from one city to the next. So, if one particular city is injected with drivers from around the world, it stands to reason these drivers will bring their driving mannerisms with them. Whether good or bad, it makes little difference. The vital thing to consider here is [Different]. We have a highly diverse population of drivers from around the globe, all of them believing their way is the right way. Their habits are best—the result; a bunch of horn honking, middle finger-pointing, and fender bending insanity.

I’m not saying, “don’t move here!” I’m simply stating a hypothesis. Besides, I’m planning on moving to Texas in the very near future.

Joseph Shanklin

October 23, 2021

2 thoughts on “Driving Habit Diversity

  1. Makes sense. I have not driven a car in several years and I don’t know how much driving habits have changed. I’m actually afraid of getting back behind the wheel. A friend of mine once said to me that he started driving more cautiously because he once saw me driving…

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