My thoughts this morning. Consequences, and our choices surrounding them.

When I was around 12 years old, I stole a bicycle. Being a very small town, it took only one week for me to get caught with it at a friend’s house. Our punishment: we were both placed on probation. The town probation officer also happened to be the town Tae Kwon Do Instructor. Including Montana and Colorado! I would go on to study various martial arts over the next 15 years. These days, I believe in time management. I wouldn’t hesitate to defend myself with a baseball bat or . . . well . . . assault rifle.

What happens when we suffer consequences? Well, usually one of two things. I’m going to use incarceration as an example. I haven’t been to prison, but I have spent a limited amount of time in jail. For those who have not been in jail [normal pro-social people], I will take this opportunity to give you the heads-up. Being in jail f*****g sucks. I do not recommend going . . . evvvvverrrrr!

Some people become bitter and resentful when they have to pay for their mistakes. In this case, the individual sentenced to incarceration may embrace their jail facility as if it were a School of Crime And Networking. For those who want to meet awesome criminals and make awesome criminal connections, both jail and community corrections are a bottomless well of resources. There’s no better place to prepare one’s criminal future if that’s what’s desired. Crime School! Woo-hoo!

Or, it may go something like this. The jail was designed to remove all distractions, thereby giving the inmate an opportunity to self-inventory and begin self-development. For those who desire to change their life, themselves, and their future; incarceration can be an opportunity to take a break and a step back from the edge of the cliff. I’ve heard quite a few people say, “they slowed my roll just in time. I wouldn’t be alive if I hadn’t gone to jail.”

Joseph Shanklin

Saturday, November 6, 2021

8 thoughts on “My Thoughts This Morning [Consequences]

  1. I have never been to prison but I have been to jail. I am one of those people that will admit jail was what I needed to straighten up. I sat there, slowly loosing connection with the outside world, which was the best thing that could have happened to me. I have been clean since the day I got arrested, 14 years ago.

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  2. The thing that scares me is when I hear that men in prison get sexually assaulted. Even though I’m not a man, the thought that this happens makes me distraught and depressed. It’s not fair for men to have to endure such horror. 😞 I’m not talking about psychopaths or serial killers who torture their victims and hurt people all their lives. I’m referring to the “common criminal” who was brought up in a terrible home environment, or gets framed, or is in prison because of an accidental one time incident. It just makes me so sad. Sometimes it panics me.

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    1. Yes, that’s a terrifying scenario! Ill add this. I haven’t been to prison, but I know a lot of people who have been. Most of the public doesn’t know how much sex is going on in prison. The sex industry has outpaced the drug trade. There are even she-males in general population. Some of the hardest (no pun) gangsters are having sex with dudes and dudes with a sex change. Prostitution is out of control. It’s all very gross and disturbing.

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