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We’ve had the Craigslist Killer. Uber and Lyft assaults. Taxicab Crimes and Assaults. The 1970s Tylenol Poisonings. Hopefully, we won’t have a Door Dash Pubic Hair Terrorist!

Joseph Shanklin

March 8, 2022

[Edit & Update]

I posted this in March, hours after having an overpowering feeling that Food Delivery Drivers are mishandling the food they’ve promised to deliver safely.

I usually spend the first 30 minutes to an hour of my morning in silence, drinking a cup of coffee. This time is dedicated to reflection, meditation, and prayer. Well, that’s the easiest way to describe the initial hour of my day. Free of noise and distraction, my quiet time is a highly coveted area of my life and has been for several years.

It was during this period that many of my blogging ideas were created. After all, discernment is so much easier when the world is silent. As much as I love conversation, music, and everything that requires my ears, I’ve also learned to love and appreciate complete silence. I’m not intimidated by the sound of my mind.

According to a recent article, approximately 30% of Food Delivery Drivers admit to sampling the customers food. I’ll be posting something with more information.

Joseph Shanklin

June 5, 2022

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