Much like everyone, my life has been a rollercoaster of good, bad, pain, love, loss, birth, death, coping, and recovery. Recovery and preparation for what’s coming next. Everything we survive prepares us for something else. Well, that’s the idea, anyway.

Once again, I don’t believe my pain is special. Simply put, it’s my pain. One way or another, through my choices good or had, I’m responsible for everything that happens to me. I must own my shit. Growing as a person and healing requires me to own all of it. Failure to own everything I do will prevent level-ups and stifle evolution and rebirth.

Writing is an incredibly powerful tool in the hands of anyone looking to Self-inventory, Self-develope, and Self-actualize. Self-expressive Therapy is the goal. Wow, that’s a lotta selfs in one paragraph.

I’ve been thinking about some of the chaos I’ve survived over the past 15 years. Getting from there to here has been a long and tempestuous road, littered with lies and betrayal. For years, I made the mistake of living among those who would never have my best interest at heart. In fact, heartless and soulless is an accurate description of a certain three individuals.

I feel it’s time to post a few of my memories. Nothing too shocking, I don’t want to scare anyone off. Some of the shit I’ve seen could be qualified as ‘over-the-top spooky’. Hey, it’s been great material for my novel.

Joseph Shanklin

March 10, 2022

10 thoughts on “Restarting The Journals

  1. Share your truth – it will free you and others. I just posted pics “Then and Now” – they were photos about 1 week before heading to rehab. I was beat up from head to toe – and I was nervous to share. It kicked up old stuff as I have been clean for 12 years this May. But the gratitude and freedom it gave me is amazing. 🙏💜🙏share it all :))

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  2. Reblogged this on Zero Lift-Off and commented:

    All of this hard earned perspective you offer is fabulous and this sentence hit the cord for me because the same time frame was framing my own massive struggle! “I’ve been thinking about some of the chaos I’ve survived over the past 15 years.” Me too Joe!

    A great posting Joe and Spot-On! I can relate to the struggle aspect of this horrendous ordeal that you and others speak to here because for the last 15 years I’ve been fighting an adversary that mucked up my life and put me through the proverbial ringer.

    I was intentionally attacked by nefarious agents on a couple of fronts and they were hell-bent on facilitating my demise, so I had a huge battle to take on which involved fighting my way back to my former excellent physical health prior to the many skirmishers that ultimately led to a couple of major battles, one of which resulted in a massive work injury and subsequent legal battle, that even while internally injured and very sick I had to take on Pro Se, in order to support my position better than anyone else was going to in such a convoluted system; thus making sure with God’s direct help, to stay above the grave potential of losing everything and being on the street. God did give me a few huge breaks along the way, which were out of the sea of people most of which didn’t “give a rat’s ass,” but these saintly persons came into my life and stood by my side as I “fought tooth and nail” as the saying goes, to survive and hopefully maintain all I had worked so hard for; again of all my life.

    Then I also took on government powers that nobody has to tell me are corrupted to the hilt having faced off with them again legally on my own, so I was fighting another war with dangerous out of control power mongers, and the only reason I’m here now able to communicate about it all and have a decent life; is God Almighty through Jesus Christ saved me, to go further down this road or path, called “my life” a while longer!

    This is how the Blog game into being, to help me of course to channel all of the pent up angst, but even more, so that now; I hope to serve God and through Jesus to make a modicum of difference for other persons that need maybe just a word of encouragement! Like you’re giving to others in your writing too; saying to not quit or ever give up Hope, no matter how difficult or sad it gets, because the absolute Light and Truth of God is coming through that tunnel, believe it; as we walk our individual paths to Eternal Joyous Life! Amen. 🙏💗✝️

    Your brother in Christ Jesus,
    Lawrence Morra III

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      1. Thank you Joe! No hurry but only for your shake being it’s your posting and I was inspired to jump in as I usually am to reblog; I would definitely appreciate any input at all to adjust it in any way or leave it as is; because I only want to add to your intent and not detract from it at all; OK!
        Thank you again for the opportunity!
        Very best,

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      1. 🙏 So true! Thank you for pointing this crucial truth about such behavior out to me! I love being reminded or getting even a kick now and again before I fudge it up, by not taking all factors into account! This internet has been a double edged sword for sure and I never had Facebook and I can see why for me it was a wise decision! In the real interacting world I don’t run into issues with people at all and things almost go perfectly, because I’ve learned quite a lot over the years the hard way about how necessary social skills and “reading people” are to have, and now it’s not difficult for me in person, as it was when I was a young buck. But, on this net because the number of people floating around with serious mental issues or defiance and hate, that I’ve eventually begun to wake up to this fact, and learn that there are some nasty people doing their thing, and not random at all about it; they are deviant twisted minded persons with serious issues, who are on the offensive to cause misery’ pretty sick! And it’s been an awakening to say the least to face the fact that this cyber realm is at least a tacky place often times when you don’t expect it, and at other times wicked, because of those demented persons floating around and busting ass! My dad used the best term for that sort when I was growing up; saying “there are some real sickos in the world, just avoid them!”🙏 Amen.


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