Maybe you’ve heard or said, “anything so difficult isn’t meant to be?” Or, possibly, “everything just fell into place?”

Whether we’re talking about a complicated project or something as basic as driving to the local supermarket, when things don’t go as planned, it’s natural for people to blook for an explanation and ask questions. Questions such as, what went wrong, and where to lay the blame?

Have you ever had a close call, or barely escaped injury by an incredibly small margin? I’m referring to something like missing your exit, and then realizing if you hadn’t then you may have been involved in an accident.

Sometimes there’s only the questions. What would have happened? Why did I do that? How could I possibly miss my turn three times? Is someone trying to tell me something?

When things become so difficult that we find ourselves having to exsert an incredible amount of energy and focus simply to place a round peg in a round hole, questioning the events surrounding the event may be useful; possibly even lifesaving.

In contrast, if every traffic light between Point A and Point B changes to green precisely when you need it to, then consider the possibilities. Maybe you’ve been traffic light lucky.? Maybe the lights are designed with excellent timing accuracy? Maybe, through your incredible driving awareness, you were able to make the lights by increasing and decreasing your spread of travel? Or, maybe you’re supposed to be somewhere at just the right moment? I believe such things do happen.

As much as I believe in Universal Synchronicity, at times the explanation is sooooooo much . . . so much simpler. Sometimes it’s simply poor driving habits.

Joseph Shanklin

March 19, 2022

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