2019 Job Fatality Numbers

Firefighters 8

Police 86

Truck Drivers 1005

By far, Truck Drivers experience the most fatalities each year in the United States. Although, if we’re talking percentages, Logging Workers comes in first at 97.6 per 100,000.

Truck Accidents cause more than 4,000 deaths each year. Driver Fatigue is the leading cause of all accidents. Driver Error and Speeding play a large role in Truck Accidents as well. Most Truck Accidents occur between Noon and 3PM.

The Department of Transportation takes these statistics seriously. There are multiple questions regarding Sleep Regulations on the CDL Written Test. Furthermore, Truck Drivers are encouraged to sleep nine hours of each twenty-four hour period, and to work whatever time of day or night is most suitable for their particular sleep patterns. Example: Night Owls should drive during the night, and so forth.

A fully loaded Tractor Trailer weighs around 80,000 Pounds. Recently [pictured], I towed a fully loaded Truck approximately 50 miles. The truck was loaded with 40,000 pounds of water, bringing the total weight to nearly 80,000 Pounds. Total weight of my tow truck plus the Tractor Trailer I was pulling? Over 120,000 Pounds. Total length of my tow truck plus the Tractor Trailer I was towing? Approximately 100 Feet.

I nearly started laughing when the driver of the Tractor Trailer asked if I could tow him into town and drop everything at Walmart. I realize there are highly experienced drivers out there who wouldn’t hesitate, but for me, visions of tires rolling over curbs, landscaping, and Smart Cars danced in my head.

Sobriety is critical!

Sobriety is power!

Joseph Shanklin

May 1, 2022

4 thoughts on “Deadliest Jobs In American

  1. Interesting to see this. We just drove home along amajor freeway and saw an accident that involved a semi and trailer. Looked like the semi had rear ended a small car and that car had gone into the concrete highway divider in the center of the freeway. No ambulances at the scene so I think all were without serious injury. Fire and Police were on the scene. It was 1:30 pm in the afternoon. Just proves your stats are realistic about time of day and fatigue etc.

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