Recently, I enlightened my family with a compelling notion. Although, this idea wasn’t arrived at without personal sacrifice and required days of analysis.

My conclusion: Because Low-fat Greek Yogurt is undoubtedly healthy, whatever I add to such a yogurt is assimilated, and becomes healthy as well. Bottom line: if I add Chocolate Chip Cookies to my Low-fat Greek Yogurt, those Chocolate Chip Cookies are immediately assimilated, therefore good for me.

Now, I do completely understand if you’re skeptical at first. I was as well. It took me no less than five Chocolate Chip Cookie Low-fat Greek Yogurt Experiments until I came to this science-based conclusion.

Look around us; as a society, we certainly can convince ourselves of anything, can’t we?

Disclaimer: Drugs and alcohol do not assimilate and become healthy when added to yogurt or anything else. 😊

Sobriety Is Power!

Joseph Shanklin

June 9, 2022

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