Imagine an addiction to narcotic pain medication. Now, imagine having to worry about running out of those pain meds. It’s a 24/7, never-ending worrying cycle of seeking and securing—an ongoing mission with only one objective; to prevent withdrawal. Getting high is undoubtedly essential but remains in second place next to ‘not detoxing.’

Pain Pill Addicts never stop counting their pills, both physically and mentally. Questions fill their mind. Like, how many days can I make it? How many can I take today? If I borrow two pills from tomorrow to get through this challenging day at work, will I be okay on my day off? Maybe I could sleep all day on Saturday? Heck, what’s another day of my life wasted away in bed?

Picture a world running out of breathable oxygen. What if everyone had to ration their oxygen? You know, count every tank, so you didn’t run out before the end of the month? Remember, anything requiring physical activity may cause you to consume more O2 involuntarily. In that case, you may have to find a way to use less before resupply is available.

There may be other, more creative ways to accumulate oxygen tanks. Quite possible, you may be able to purchase more from something similar to a ‘Black Market’ of oxygen dealers. Or even find some in Mexico. Be careful; you wouldn’t want to get arrested or ripped off. Oh, and don’t forget to lock your doors at night!

A sober mind is a powerful mind.

Joseph Shanklin

June 11, 2022

4 thoughts on “Caution: Don’t Run Out Of Oxygen! (an addiction analogy)

  1. Wow Joseph that second paragraph brought me back many many years ago when I was thinking those exact thoughts. I was hooked on pain pills and you described it perfectly. I remember thinking every one of those…, great post Joseph.

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    1. It’s the absolute #1 thing that will keep me sober the rest of my life. Never again will I allow myself to make myself soft-minded with drugs. Sobriety truly is power. Besides, all the cool kids are sober 😊

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