Now in mid-June, I cannot help but look back at how much has transpired since I wrote this piece. Sober is still power!

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Twenty-four hours after moving to Texas, I interviewed for and secured employment. This was five weeks ago. During those five weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to drive and operate assorted equipment. By equipment, I mean cool stuff I haven’t used before, including Tractor-trailers and Heavy Duty Tow Trucks.

Following two weeks and probably 25 hours of studying, I passed my CDL Permit Test on Monday. Those four tests weren’t too terribly difficult but nearly impossible to pass without studying well. The information is vital. Considering that I knew almost nothing about what it takes to possess a CDL until I moved to Texas in late December, I feel good about the achievement.

I spent most of my life in Food and Beverage, either as a Culinary Chef or Restaurant Manager. From time to time, I would get away from kitchens for a year or so and take a driving job. So, when I decided to discard Culinary permanently, I gravitated toward driving once more. Sixteenth months into my rekindled towing career, I have a new job. Very soon, I’ll have a CDL Driver’s License. Now in my fifties, I’ve turned the page once more.

We must learn to recognize what door to walk through. What path to place our feet upon. We must choose our battles wisely. Sabotage does not exist. Because we have control over who we allow into our lives, we’re responsible for everything that happens to us. The faster we learn to take ownership of Our Shit, the faster our lives will transform. Own Your Shit!

We can achieve anything, but it’s essential to know where we should be. If we choose the right road, the blocks will be removed from our path. Work and effort will still be required, but unnecessary entanglements may be avoided and cast aside.

A sober mind is a powerful mind!

Everything we survive prepares us for what’s coming.

Joseph Shanklin

February 3, 2022

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