As with nancy pelosi, joe biden claims to be of the Catholic Faith but supports abortion. Not only do these clowns support abortion, but they believe it’s okay to end a baby’s life up to the point of birth. Just like jared polis, the Governor of Colorado, they support killing an unborn baby in its ninth month of development. Let’s not pretend this is anything else except the murder of a child—an unborn baby with a soul. Evil people sacrificing the lives of children. Why would it be called anything else?

The Catholic Church has stopped giving biden and pelosi Holy Communion. The Church hasn’t forbidden them from showing up, but they’re basically stripped of their right to be Catholic. You can’t be Catholic and support abortion. Life’s about making hard choices, and the biden / pelosi team like the idea of killing unborn babies.

Oh, and P.S., abortion clinics are constructed in Black and Brown neighborhoods, not White neighborhoods. The fact that Planned Parenthood did this intentionally has already been fact-checked and proven to be true.

Joseph Shanklin

June 25, 2022

14 thoughts on “Failed President Claiming To Be Catholic But Supporting Abortion

  1. You’re welcome.
    I live in London, England and I honestly
    believe Biden is a total embarrassment
    to the USA.
    Why are all his ###k ups only ever reported
    on Fox News and not on the rest of the
    MSM? Surly they can’t all be Democrats!

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    1. Yes, you’ll only see those on Fox News. Everything else here is Democrat controlled. They push lies and bury the truth. Sadly, millions of Americans choose to believe what they see on liberal controlled media. There are millions of good American citizens who cannot see what’s happening here because they choose not to see the truth. 😢

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    2. I live in Sussex, England and I believe the whole thing is a pantomime. Cue ‘Oh no it isn’t ‘ ‘Oh yes it is’ etc. etc.

      I see you typed ‘Surly they can’t all be Democrats!’

      As per ‘Airplane’ the movie I might say the Democrats reply ‘Don’t call us surly!’

      But surly describes them perfectly, it surely does. What you have to do is look into who actually owns the media in the USA, let alone most big corporations. The Democrats are the front for them, although they make inroads into the Republicans too, anywhere they can make money and control the world.

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      1. Yes, you’re right on all accounts. Americana have been sold out for so long, we believe this is how life is supposed to be. And we made it easy for them. Take my rights, please!


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  2. But things must change come November.
    Americans must come to the conclusion
    that both Biden and his VP are not only
    dividing your Country, they are bringing it
    down economically as well.

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  3. Apparently Margaret Sanger originally called PP “The Negro Project” with the aim of wiping out Blacks and other “undesirables.” I read today that about 40% of all abortions are done on Black women, meaning that about 24 million Black children have been killed since 1973. That’s genocide! Yet, Sanger is a hero to them, even the Black members of Congress…

    Bravo to the Bishops who finally excommunicated Pelosi and Biden. That they were allowed to receive the Eucharist despite their being ardent supporters of abortion was scandalous. Here’s praying that more Bishops do the same…

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    1. You’re absolutely correct! Planned Parenthood, or aka The negro Project, was created for race control. They originally hired Black Doctors and Nurses to increase trust between staff and patients. I see Margaret Sanger as an evil monster.

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  4. I was watching a podcast last night – Will Johnson – and he stated, made an observation that this whole abortion slaughter may have just been the devil trying to keep the two witnesses from being born. There may be other things going on as well…

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