This is not an attack on the Mexican People. In fact, my wife is White / Hispanic / Native American. So, my children are as well, of course.

What’s happening at the US Border in Texas is nothing short of evil. About 200,000 people are illegally crossing into the United States each month. The biden administration is intentionally allowing this to happen. None of these people are tested for Covid, background checked, or searched. Many are victims of Human Trafficking and Sex Trafficking, particularly women and children, of course.

The biden administration slash evil machine is allowing this to happen, knowing the consequences of their actions. Nobody needs to look past this one situation to understand what kind of trash we’re dealing with in Washington DC. When I say TRASH, I mean TRASH. What else would intentionally do such evil?

If you or I brought illegals into this country, we’d be immediately arrested and jailed. So, isn’t it time to round up and imprison the assclowns perpetrating the evil deeds in The United States? Yes, the entire biden administration needs to be imprisoned.

Joseph Shanklin

August 4, 2022

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