For decades, joe biden has been claiming to have worked his way through college by driving a school bus. If you look beyond the obvious roadblocks of joe being able to obtain a driver’s license (at any age) and then a Commercial Driver’s License, well, then heck; anything is possible. I’m joking, of course. That f*****g assclown couldn’t drive a golf cart much less anything else. In fact, he crashed a bicycle just last week.

As of January 7th of this year, drivers are required to complete 150 hours of training before testing for their CDL Permit. This new Federal Law has made the Commercial Driver’s License process even more expensive than it was before. More Big Government during a National Truck Driver Shortage. Fortunately, I was aware of the coming changes last year, and I tested for my Class A CDL Permit three days before the new law went into effect.

Joseph Shanklin

July 4, 2022

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